Thank you for visiting Bankuet 1.0.

Bankuet makes it easier for you to give to a food bank from wherever you are.

The heart of Bankuet is to back food banks, to empower and resource their work.

By using Bankuet you join us on that journey.

We all wish food banks didn’t exist, but for now they do and it’s time to help.

How Bankuet works

  1. Smart shopping lists

Bankuet gets food banks what they need, when they need it.

All items for sale on Bankuet are chosen by the food bank and are updated by the Bankuet team weekly.

2. Picking, Packing & Delivery

Once you’ve chosen and paid for your items Bankuet takes care of everything else.

We source and make a weekly delivery of your items at the slot chosen by the food bank.

3. Food parcel

Food banks give out food in carefully planned food parcels.

These are nutritionally balanced and also include non-food items.

Your items form part of these food parcels.

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